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7 Ways to Meet New People

Sometimes meeting friends can be daunting, especially when you suddenly find yourself in a new city or for whatever reason totally without friends. Making new friends can come easy to some people, but to others it might take more work.

If you're stumped for where and how to meet new people, this list of suggestions is sure to inspire you.

Doing New Things

Perhaps the best way to meet new friends is when you’re getting outside your comfort zone and doing something new. Getting involved in a new hobby, taking a class that makes you stretch your mind, or just making a point to do something different than the usual are all good ways to connect with someone new.

First of all, you'll be meeting new people you probably would never have crossed paths with this way, and second, you'll be in the mood to experience something out of the ordinary. A new class or project will automatically help you give out a vibe that says you're open to learning and conversation, which is the perfect way to start a new friendship off the right way. Here are eleven suggestions for how to do something new.

Meet Friends Every Single Day During Your Daily Routine

Making friends doesn’t need to be complicated, often you can meet new people just by changing a few things in your daily routine. For example, instead of going through the drive-through for things like:

  • prescriptions
  • your morning coffee
  • fast food
park that car and go inside. If nothing else, it helps you make small talk. Standing in line and seeing other people on a regular basis gets you in the habit of conversing, being polite, noticing things about people, and making connections. Plus, if you spot someone you know casually, seeing them out like this is a good way to start up a conversation and get to know them better. Here are six ways to meet people during your daily routine.

While Traveling

If you're introverted like me, meeting new friends while traveling can seem like a really intimidating thing. But there are actually several organizations and websites that will help you connect with others. It's amazing to me how important the Internet has become in the last few years when it comes to friendship. A few years ago, I might never have even attempted to make friends while traveling, because I'm just too shy. But these ten tips will definitely make it easier.

Meet a New Friend in a Work Environment

I've met a lot of my friends at work and I know many of you have as well. It's hard not to get to know the people you spend at least eight hours a day with. But meeting people this way isn't just limited to time in the office or break room. Here are seven different ways to make friends in a work environment.


If you're going to be bored at the Laundromat, why not make a few friends? I used to spend every Saturday doing laundry, and in the beginning I brought a book with me and didn't say much to the other people. But as time went on, I got to know a few of them. (This is where extroverts can help people like me come out of my shell.) Rather than keep my nose in my book, I took a break and chatted with some people who turned out to be my neighbors. I never realized it until I made small talk with them. Here are a few tips for making your Laundromat experience friend-worthy.

At the Gym

Oh, I know, you want to do your workout and then leave. But if you're looking for new friends, the gym is a good place to find them. One way to do this is by taking a few exercise classes. Another way is to look for run or walks in the your neighborhood, which are often posted in the gym. Here are some more ways to meet people at the gym.

Revive an Old Friendship

If it's new friends you seek, why not try looking at some of your past friendships? You can learn a lot about nurturing, arguing and communication this way (and pick up a few tips on how to do things better), but you can also decide if one or two old friendships might be worth starting up again. Friendships don't always end on negative terms. Sometimes friends just drift apart or begin to have nothing in common. But that can change as each friend's life has changed. Here are some tips on how to revive an old friendship or reconnect with an old pal at a class reunion.