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7 Things to Do After a One Night Stand

A girl should be prepared for everything, knowing what to do after a one night stand is no exception. Here are the ins and outs of what to do when you wake up the morning after a random hook up.

1. Remember What This Is

The first rule of the one night stand is to remember that this is not supposed to be special. It was how you wanted to spend your night, not the way you want to spend your life. Once you get it, you can feel happy knowing the night is over. Don’t get confused and expect that this is going to head somewhere. There’s always a chance that it might, but assume that’s not the case—it was just sex.

2. Don’t Text in Bed

Unless you want to be a jerk, or need to urgently contact someone, stay off your phone while in bed with him. It may be boring, but the guy will probably think you’re talking about him—he probably wouldn’t be wrong. The same goes double for talking on the phone. If you really want to talk to somebody else, take a bathroom break or go get something from the kitchen.

3. Don’t Snoop

If you’re at his place, don’t start snooping around. Not only is it rude, but it’s for your benefit as well. What if you find something that grosses you out? What if you see what cannot be unseen? Like a picture of him and his fiancée? The opposite goes into effect if he’s with you: hide anything that you don’t want some stranger to see.

4. Exchange the Digits?

Go ahead and get his number and give him yours. It leaves the door open to future hook ups if either of you need that late night booty call. Don’t expect a phone call, of course. This is mostly a courtesy. You can always block his number if you decide you don’t ever want to hear from him. Don’t set up a follow up phone call unless you want to feel really bad about yourself.

5. Skip Breakfast

Unless you really enjoy this person’s company and not just their body, pass on going out to breakfast with him. Excuse yourself and say you’ve got to get on with your day. These kind of meals are usually awkward if you don’t have anything in common besides the fact that the two of you just slept together.

6. Take Off Quickly

Like a Band-Aid. No one likes a stranger to hang around their apartment too long in any other circumstances, it goes the same for sex. Just because you two got it on doesn’t mean you’re staying on. Don’t hesitate to leave or to ask him to do so either.

7. Social Media Stalking

Is it okay to search for your one night stand on Facebook or Twitter? Yes, if you’re very curious. Now, should you befriend or follow that person? That’s a more delicate situation. You don’t want to come off as being a stalker. Maybe if you guys ever meet a second time you can make the next move on social media, but not before.