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7 Ways to Make a Conversation with Anyone

7 Basic points to note when you want to start a conversation with s stranger. 


  1. The First Word Flood Gates: Just say the first words, rest talk will go on in a flow.
  2. Skip The Small Talk: You need to make some lasting impression. So directly ask personal question. For example: “How is the function/event?”, “how did your parents get your name?” , “Is this the first festival of yours?” , “Where do you come from? Where does your family live?” Radiate positivity, smile…
  3. Find The Me-Toos: Find common things. It makes conversation easier.
  4. Pay An Unique Compliment: “People will forget what you do, people will forget who you said, but they will never forget how you make them feel.” Compliment them with a rare compliment for them. Don’t think hard, it usually is very small thing.
  5. Ask For An Opinion: This is where a real communication begins.Everyone wants to feel expert. But remember not to ask for very tough question. They should not feel like they are giving an examination. And listen to their opinion curiously.
  6. Be Present: Be attentive, no phones, maintain 3 seconds eye contact, not too short, nor too long. Try to reciprocate what they say, like if they say “I’m from Delhi, so I’m used to this hot weather” could say “Oh, you are from Delhi.. wow..” You just repeated “from Delhi” phrase. This shows your attentiveness.
  7. Name, Place, Animal, Thing: Remember them, their place, work, their unique impression on you.